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Aims of the Conference 

The First International Conference on Dog Population Management was held in 2012. On behalf of the organising committee we warmly invite you to attend the 2nd International Conference on Dog Population Management 2015 and also call for abstracts.

Humane, effective and sustainable dog population management (DPM) is a challenge worldwide. Dogs play an important role as companion and work animals but are also a major source of concern for the transmission of rabies and other zoonoses and for attacks on people and livestock. The main objective for the 2nd conference was to bring the public sector together with specialists in animal welfare, animal health and education, ecologists, economists and social scientists. The conference theme was thus "Inter-sectoral collaboration, innovation and evidence-based solutions for dog population management".

Specific aims of the conference:

* To facilitate discussions and sharing of information on DPM among stakeholders;

* To promote awareness of novel approaches to DPM

* To encourage inter-sectoral collaboration, innovation and policy development

* To provide evidence-based information for effective, humane DPM;

* To promote animal and human health and wellbeing by reducing the incidence of zoonoses and the environmental impacts associated with dog population control.

The main outcomes of the conference:

* increased awareness of innovative approaches for countries and research groups;

* dissemination of the results of research and practical applications between scientists, stakeholders and policy makers;

* enhanced prospects of decreasing the economic burden of rabies and other zoonoses through the use of evidence-based methodologies;

* demonstration of the benefits of the One Health approach to animal, human and environmental welfare.



The conference is organised by the ICAM (International Companion Animal Management) coalition with endorsement from the International Governmental Organisations listed above. The ICAM coalition’s mission statement is to support the development and use of humane and effective companion animal population management worldwide. The ICAM goals are to share ideas and data; to discuss issues relevant to population management and welfare; to agree definitions and hence improve understanding and to provide guidance as a collegial and cohesive group.


List of talks


and organisers

Thank you to everyone who attended this event and helped to ensure that it was a huge success. The talks are now available to be viewed on the ICAM Coalition's YouTube Channel.

The conference theme was inter-sectoral collaboration, innovation and evidence-based solutions for dog population management.


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3–5th March 2015

Istanbul, Turkey

Photo © IFAW

Photo © IFAW

Photo © IFAW

Photo © IFAW

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All funds raised from sponsorship will subsidise attendance of speakers and poster presenters who would otherwise not be able to attend the conference. We are very grateful to our sponsors for supporting the event in this way and ensuring that it is attended by those who will find it the most useful. 

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